Built for Community Health

Our Electronic Dental Record was built specifically for Community Health and is fully integrated into the EMR for a comprehensive patient record.


VisDental Product Demo


  • “Point and Click” makes simple, and customizable QuickNotes make notations quick and easy.
  • Display existing, treatment plan and current conditions in one view.
  • View and annotate images retrieved from your devices including pans, X-rays and sensors.
  • Chart periodontal exams and compare against previous exams on one comprehensive screen.

On the Road with VisDental


We recently went on the road to three health centers to learn how they’re using VisDental in their practices.

Learn how North Country Family Health Center in Watertown, NY, Indian Health Board of Mnneapolis, and Su Clinca in Harlingen, TX work with VisDental on:

  • Digital Imaging
  • Comprehensive Medical/Dental health histories and medication lists
  • Periodontal Charting
  • and More!

I have never had such a smooth and easy implementation on any product. It was just about flawless.

Mike Foster

The Health Center, Plainfield, VT

Dental Data Conversion

Visualutions Data Conversion Services can convert existing data and attachments to VisDental from your present Electronic Dental applications including:

  • Dentrix
  • Patterson Dental – Eaglesoft
  • QSI Dental
  • MediaDent
  • and More!

View the video to hear Joey Martinez, Clinical Informatics Specialist at Su Clinica in Harlingen, TX, recall his experience with Visualutions converting Dentrix data to VisDental.

We actually got to replace all the sensors at all the clinics with the same budget we had to buy three sensors.  So that’s a big benefit there.

Joey Martinez

Clinical Informatics Specialist, Su Clinica - Harlingen, TX

Periodontal Charting

VisDental’s Periodontal Charting component is simple to use, and has a variety of features:

  • Compare Previous Exams
  • One Pass Exam option allows for recording Pocket and Recession tooth by tooth
  • Use Data from Previous Exam
  • Voice Call Out
  • One-Point or Three-Point Recessions Preference
  • Record Bleeding, Delated Bleeding, Suppuration, Mobility, Furcation, Plaque, Calculus
  • and More!

View the video to hear Javier Aguirre, Dental Hygienist at Su Clinica in Harlingen, TX, detail what he likes about Periodontal Charting in VisDental.

VisDental and Meaningful Use

Joey Martinez, Clinical Informatics Specialist at Su Clinica in Harlingen, TX, explains how VisDental satisfies is requirements for Meaningful Use




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